May 30th: KCL Films for Ukraine Short Films & Architecture in Ukraine

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Short Films & Architecture in Ukraine

What: KCL Films for Ukraine is featuring Short Films & Architecture in Ukraine. Its an evening of experimental shorts, spanning documentary and artist moving-image, exploring architectures, monuments and buildings in Ukraine.

When: Mon, 30 May 2022 19:00 – 22:00 BST

Where: Lucas Lecture Theatre S-2.18, King’s College London, Strand London WC2R 2LS


Tickets: Donations of your choosing are welcomed.


More About the Event

Un/Building presents a series of short films addressing pressing current concerns. Films shown will explore layers of history that hold contemporary relevance in Ukraine, and how these are inscribed into the built environment. Beyond this, what are the affordances of film, cinema and moving image in upholding or challenging the accepted narratives which ensue? As the invasion continues, these sites, monuments and buildings become a backdrop for the destruction of homes and lives. How does a discussion of monument and structure respond to this? The screening will be introduced by Dr Adam Walker, and followed by a Q&A with directors in which the audience are invited to participate.

  • STATESCAPE∞, 2020, Vicki Thornton and Adam Walker, 4min 35sec

STATESCAPE∞ take as its starting point Mezhyhirya, the palatial former home of deposed Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, in its myriad physical, imagined, historical, represented, political, virtual, economic and personal forms, and explores this as a virtual game environment.

  • The Return Beyond Which There is No Point, 2018, Adam Walker, 14min 40sec

On ‘Defender of Ukraine Day’, a flag bearing the text ‘The Return Beyond Which There is No Point’ is carried through Kyiv and the surrounding forest before being raised on the roof of the same building in which it had started.

  • The Film of Kyiv. Episode One, 2017, Oleksiy Radynski, 8min

Podilsky Bridge in Kyiv is one of the world’s largest abandoned construction sites: the locals have adapted the uncompleted bridge to their own needs.

  • What Shall We Do With These Buildings, 2022, Jonathan Ben-Shaul, 27min 51sec

A documentary-dance film which explores the legacy of Soviet architecture in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

  • Concrete and Unclear, 2019, fantastic little splash, Lera Malchenko and Oleksandr Hants, 30min 56sec

The ‘PARUS’ hotel was constructed to show the grandiosity of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev’s home city, but unfinished following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the building has become a quite different symbol of Dnipro.

  • The Fall of Lenin, 2017, Svitlana Shymko, 11min

An unusual and poetic archive short documentary revealing the absurdities of changing ideologies in Ukraine.

  • Adam Walker (Digital Humanities, KCL) is an artist and researcher with a writing and art-making practice focused on critiques of self-perpetuating structures of inequality. Following a British Council Residency in Kyiv, he spent considerable time in Ukraine from 2017-19.

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