15-19 Aug: Interactive Shakespeare performances: Ukrainian refugees are welcome

August 4, 2022 • Ukrainian refugees, Upcoming events • Views: 222

WHAT: Flute theatre company is inviting Ukrainian refugees to join interactive theatre performances of Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’. These are participatory theatre sessions where the audience will engage actively with the actors, taking an active role during the performance.

WHEN: 15-19 August 2022, various sessions (see the schedule below)

WHERE: Riverside Studios, 101 Queen Caroline St, London W6 9BN

ADMISSION: £5 per family. Please email  [email protected] if you wish to join.

AGE: From 4 to any age.

LANGUAGE: If Ukrainian families have no English, the play can be performed simultaneously in English and Russian (but if you would like them to play with you in Ukrainian, they will do their best!).


Monday 15th August                       14.00                     Age limit 11+

Tuesday 16th August                       10.30                     Age limit 4-10

Tuesday 16th August                       14.00                     Age limit 11+

Wednesday 17th August                 10.30                     Age limit 4-10

Wednesday 17th August                14.00                     Age limit 11+

Thursday 18th August                     10.30                     Age limit 4-10

Thursday 18th August                     14.00                     Age limit 11+

Friday 19th August                            10.30                     Age limit 4-10

Friday 19th August                            14.00                     Age limit 11+


In May this year Flute theatre has travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria to work with Ukrainian refugee families, performing their Pericles with them to alleviate their trauma and create a unique space for wounds to heal and feelings to be shared.

The company, lead by Kelly Hunter, is specialising in working with autistic children as well as those traumatised by the displacement of war. Kelly is the creator of the Hunter Heartbeat method – a series of sensory drama games.

The Flute Theatre is committed to bringing their work to audiences where the need is greatest.

Watch this short video about the company’s work with Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria:


“Ukrainian children began to work through psychological traumas with which they have been struggling since this terrible war started. Flute’s original therapy was carried out in the form of a play and allowed the children to participate in the activities which resembled fun adventures, leaving a positive impression on children of different ages” 

Lidiya, Ukrainian Teacher

“Dear friends! I would like to share my impressions with all of you. My name is Maria and I am 60 years old. But this is the first time I have seen such a generous, open-minded, and warm love for children. Not because they are smaller or bigger, intelligent or beautiful, but because they are here, right here, close to you. And this wondrous contact is in tune with your heartbeat. All people need to see and feel it to understand what love is like. What wonderful actors Kelly Hunter has cast. They are so radiant. I remember them all. They are forever in my heart. It was a great joy to meet them and talk to such heaven-born, blessed actors.”

Maria, grandmother

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