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May 26, 2022 • Donations for Ukraine, Home • Views: 174


What: Alina Bzhezhinska and her fellow Ukrainian friends have decided to stay in Ukraine at the time of the war and volunteer. They are collecting donations to be able to provide humanitarian aid to those suffering from the war in Ukraine.


“My country is burning. It’s a horrific time for Ukrainians and a very worrying time for the world. Coming from the historical city of Lviv in western Ukraine and having grown up in a Polish/ Ukrainian family, we have been experiencing hostility and aggression from the Russian regime for many years… But no one could expect this level of aggression. Many of my musician friends decided to stay in Ukraine and volunteer to fight. Most of them have families with children.” – Alina Bzhezhinska

Donate to help those that are fleeing as well as those that are staying behind. here

Glory to Ukraine / Slava Ukraini.

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