Helping Ukrainian Refugees Arriving in the UK

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Thank you for any help you are willing to provide to Ukrainians fleeing war.

If you are able to provide housing

If you are able to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees, please support the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Homes for Ukraine is a new visa route for Ukrainians who escaped from the war to come to the UK. Under this scheme, individuals or organisations who are able to offer housing to support Ukrainian refugees can register their offer on the government website. The scheme asks that the accommodation is available for at least 6 months. Your offer of housing would support a refugee’s visa application (this is called “sponsorship” for a visa). You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the scheme here.

How to find refugees to sponsor?

If you don’t want to list your details publicly

We understand you might not want to share your housing offer publicly. In this case, please fill in our GOOGLE  FORM and our volunteers will try to find a matching refugee for your search.

How this works?

Step 1: you fill in the form detailing your offer (rooms available, how many people you are willing to host, what type of a family you’d like to accommodate – with children, adults only, no pets etc).

Step 2: Ukrainian London team of volunteers will be in touch once we have a suitable request from refugees who apply for our help. Our volunteer will email you, message or call (depending on your preference that you mark on the form) to check if the accommodation is still available and put forward a case describing a family that we think should match your search.

Step 3: if you the description is suitable and you are willing to proceed, we will share with you details of the refugee (email and phone number) for you to get in touch and discuss further with them directly.

Step 4: if this contact works well and you decide to host this refugee, you will need to start the process of visa application under Homes for Ukraine scheme.

We are also working with a charity assisting Ukrainian refugees currently in Calais. We are kindly asking you to allow us to share your details with their team of volunteers who will be contacting you directly, should they find a matching refugee (family) based on your housing offer.

If you want your housing offer to be listed publicly

There are now multiple platforms helping potential sponsors in the UK to find refugees they would like to sponsor.

  • Reset UK  is offering a service to match UK based hosts and Ukrainian refugees for the Homes for Ukraine scheme
  • Ukraine Takes Shelter – this website allows host to register their housing offers, where refugees can select matching ones and contact hosts directly
  • Prykhystok (meaning ‘shelter’ from Ukrainian) – same as above
  • Shelter for Ukrainians – same as above
  • Oiko Help – same as above

There are also multiple Facebook groups trying to facilitate matching process for refugees and hosts:

If you are able to help in any other way

For all other help, please fill in our google form, giving details for what sort of assistance you are willing to provide:

  • jobs
  • legal aid
  • psychological counselling
  • transport around the UK
  • translation
  • other


We thank you for any help you are willing to provide.


If you have already applied for Homes for Ukraine and are now awaiting your Ukrainian guests to arrive, please check our GUIDE developed by a team of volunteers. Is is constantly being updated. If you want to send us feedback on it – please email [email protected]

We are also collecting donations for Medical & Humanitarian Aid:

Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account: 39181768

Sort code: 30-98-97

Recipient: Ukrainian London Ltd.

Reference: SaveUkraine – for medical and humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Reference: Refugees – to help us generate funds to support Ukrainian refugees coming to the UK

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