A Unique art print of Ukraine created by Julia Gash

May 30, 2022 • Donations for Ukraine • Views: 546

Viva Ukraine! Would you like to have such a unique print at your home? 

International travel artist Julia Gash collaborated with us to create a unique art print of Ukraine that celebrates its landscape, cultural identity and positive spirit and to raise funds for the Ukrainian cause.

The contemporary illustration, drawn in patriotic blue and yellow, features the iconic Monument of Independence in Kyiv, a symbol of Ukraine’s fight for freedom. Sunflowers, the country’s national flower, dot the landscape. A nightingale, a popular icon of Ukraine, calls for freedom whilst a tractor pulls a tank, referencing the powerful street art created by its people, and which recognises that in Ukraine, this is everyone’s fight.

Ukraine Art Print

Julia Gash is a creative entrepreneur and British artist who, through her hand drawn illustrations, has created a unique and everlasting archive of illustrations featuring cities, towns, and regions from all around the world. which have been made into stylish souvenirs, art prints or tote bags through her collaboration with a global portfolio of retailers and licensees.

Julia’s unique artwork loves up the locale and celebrates cities in style, bringing a place that is close to people’s heart, into their home.


Julia is donating the proceeds from the sale of her Ukraine art print to the people of Ukraine, through the non-for-profit organisation. As such, sales of the Ukraine art print will help to support the nation’s refugees in Britain as well as people who have been displaced by the war back home in Ukraine.

“It is inconceivable for me to continue to discover and draw places around the world without being affected by the invasion of Ukraine and catastrophic consequences of Russia’s act of aggression against one of its neighbours.  I therefore decided to create a piece of art that will enable people across the world to share their support for the Ukraine as well as helping refugees to remember their homeland as they try to recover from the trauma and loss of war.”

Ukraine, giclee art print, printed onto archival paper, is available to buy from her eponymous online shop, as well as Etsy and Amazon and online trade platform Faire.

Ukraine Souvenir

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